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| CNC Production Planning

  1. Raw materials: The precision parts produced by Youquan can meet the EU RoHS regulations and can provide various related inspection reports.

  2. Process: The process is simplified in the process. Both turning and milling are completed on the machine at one time. This makes the process simple and one-time completion can reduce the cumulative error generated by the fixture in the production.

  3. Equipment: Youquan equipment maintains and adjusts the machine every year, and adopts Taiwan and Japan turning and milling machines to pursue more precise and stable quality.

  4. Quality: The processing plant has formulated a set of IPQC production management procedures, and trained all on-site personnel to implement production inspections.

  5. Cost: The machines are operated in a semi-automated manner for 24 hours, which greatly reduces production manpower and can effectively control costs in the mass production stage.

CNC Lathe with milling

The functions of CNC turrets of various micrometers occupy a considerable part of the machine tool. The stability of the spindle and machine structure determines the accuracy of the product, and the number of CNC power tools can also make the product style diversified; dual spindles, Double turret and double C axis (thousand division) determine the production speed of the product.
The program function of synchronous operation is a necessary condition for CNC lathe processing industry at this stage.

Manufacturing Equipment  

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