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Valet-Laser engraving-Full color- Aluminum in black

This department is committed to studying laser related experience and providing all-round professional advice and related knowledge.

It also has the most advanced laser processing equipment and the most advanced nanosecond fiber laser source, with the highest peak power in the industry.

Breakthrough the industry is currently unable to " black laser engraving " and specialize in " stainless steel color laser engraving " " profound " " normal white laser engraving " " metal seal engraving "

Stainless steel colored metal mine mining carved natural hair color, no pigment in full compliance with ROHS environmental protection.

Suitable for processing metal SUS304 stainless steel, A6061 aluminum alloy, TI alloy, laser engraving after heat treatment...all kinds of metal engraving and some plastics.

And can provide the best processing efficiency and processing quality. With a sincere service attitude, helping customers solve problems and realize their creative ideas, professional technology, first-class quality, reasonable prices, and dedicated service have become the company's core values, so that this technology can be widely used.



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