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About Yochin Industry

Yochin Industry was founded in 1992. Thanks to the support and care of customers from all walks of life, the factory expanded and moved to Shulin Junying Street in 2016 and purchased imported car-milling complex machines to provide the strongest technology in pursuit of more specialized technology. The best service creates the best product.
Yochin has always been creating a "win-win" value with customers, and believes that only with the "quality" to customers can this road be longer and broader. This is our commitment to customers and also the core of the industry.
Yochin Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in CNC compound-traveling, multi-axis compound machining, and back compound machining. It is a "precision part" with advanced production equipment, excellent technical capabilities and rich experience. CNC processing factory. In addition to the experience in CNC one-time processing, it can also be used with special secondary processing surface treatment.
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