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|   In-Process Quality Control

  • In the product manufacturing process, the quality inspection from the production line of the material parts to the packaging of the finished product can be divided into first piece inspection, patrol inspection, and last piece inspection. Appropriate inspection items are implemented as required.
Process quality inspection tasks:
  • Perform automatic and manual inspections
  • First article inspection
  • Through statistical process control, find out the problems that are not in compliance with the specifications.
  • Process audit can ensure that the product meets the standards in the process.

| inspection equipment

All kinds of automatic lathes and all kinds of table lathes have perfect quality process control in order to provide the best service to customers. We are convinced that quality is out of production, not test out, test results already. Has a good and correct concept production, in order to create a good product. So all of our colleagues in the process of production, are strictly enforced quality control, to avoid the generation of defective products, try to achieve zero missing.

In order to provide customers with the best products and services, Yochin Professional CNC has established a set of strict quality management systems, guided by customer needs, and professionally control product quality, whether it is raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished products. According to QC standard process mechanism management. In response to strict quality management, Yochin CNC continues to invest in the latest precision testing instruments and measuring tools to inspect products.

Quality Assurance Equipment  

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